What kind of Metaverse and NFTs projects can I create on the IC?

You could incorporate a system or code framework that supports building decentralized metaverses ("metaverse" is defined broadly). Or you could lay the foundations for an actual decentralized metaverse. You could also create a system that sells online real estate as NFTs or enables multiple players to interact inside a virtual space. Or you could show how a powerful gaming engine can be repurposed for use in the metaverse.

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More inspiration and starting points:

  • Immersive 3D experiences
    • IC Gallery: The IC Gallery is an interoperable 3D metaverse blending GameFi and DeFi, where users can play, mint, and trade all their existing NFTs
    • The Island: An immersive tropical paradise (Forum post)
  • Multi-player games

Links to get you started: