What kind of Public Good / Social Impact projects can I create on the IC?

The Internet Computer blockchain is a globally accessible, affordable, and scalable blockchain, whose developers and users can be found all around the world. Web3 affords us the opportunity to rebuild the systems that we have in place today, in order to create a more fair and transparent future.

Tokens create powerful incentives that can help new services and ventures succeed. But blockchain is not just about "success" in the conventional sense. The world faces many difficulties, including climate change, pollution, war, oppression, economic inequality, and fake news. This is your chance to build something that makes a difference, in whatever field you choose.

More inspiration and starting points:

  • Get inspired by Regenerative Finance (ReFi) and think about local currencies, carbon-backed stable coins, and more
  • Crowdfunding and donation infrastructure, e.g. using novel mechanism like Quadratic Funding
    • Crowdfund NFT: Using smart contract technology to build a safer, cheaper and global crowdfunding service.
  • Integrate with environmental sensing and satellite imaginary to build an open planetary dashboard
  • Governance and voting infrastructure
    • Network Nervous System - The DAO governing the IC (js lib, code)

Links to get you started: