What kind of SocialFi projects can I create on the IC?

Web3 will revolutionize the way people organize, communicate, and collaborate. The Internet Computer blockchain is uniquely positioned to enable the world’s transition from Web2 to Web3, as social networks and dapps are completely on-chain, allowing for seamless user experiences and mass adoption. Decentralized Social (DeSo) enables users for the first time to be in control and can make social media work for them.

You could create a decentralized social media that incorporates tokenization ("social media" is defined broadly). For example, you might give out tokens to users that refer other users to your service who post content that is appreciated, moderate content, or help out in other ways.

A social media DAO incentivizes its users to contribute to the success of the dapp by offering rewards in the form of governance tokens. As a user, you get free tokens just for using the service, while at the same time, you have a say on what new features should be added. As a developer, you benefit from the tokenization of your dapp. Increased user engagement can organically fuel viral growth, while user contributions can significantly reduce costs of content moderation or even development and design. The Internet Computer blockchain provides the first complete tech stack for developers to build a new era of DAO-governed social media services to replace Big Tech.

The Internet Computer has hosted events such as Supernova to inspire and support developers across the ecosystem. Developers have a chance to showcase projects they've been working on, and even compete for grants up to $100,000.


Before starting your own Social Media Dapp, check out these resources:

And for a list of the social media dapps currently available on the IC, you can check out Social Media on the Internet Computer