What kind of GameFi projects can I create on the IC?

Imagine 100% on-chain NFTs in the metaverse, guaranteed to last forever. The Internet Computer blockchain’s “reverse-gas model” means no hefty gas fees for users, and affordable minting for developers and creators. Low storage costs enable fully on-chain gameplay, 4k films, music libraries, and so on as NFTs. The only limit is your imagination.

You could create a decentralized game that incorporates tokenization ("games" is defined broadly). For example, the game experience could be built from JavaScript or an engine like Unity, and be served from the Internet Computer into the browser. It could then interact with backend blockchain code running on the IC. The game could involve tokens as incentives or prizes. It could be a multi-player card game or space invaders that pays out bitcoin when the high score is beaten. You should have a plan to prevent cheating, such as using dynamically inserted CAPTCHAs.

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