How do I add cycles to a wallet on the Network Nervous System (NNS)?

Canisters are powered by cycles, which are created by converting ICP utility tokens.

Through the Network Nervous System (NNS), you can:

  • Create new canisters.
  • Link canisters to your account.
  • Send cycles to canisters.

To add cycles to your wallet using the NNS frontend app, you'll need the address of your wallet canister. Use the following command in your console to obtain the address of your wallet canister:

% dfx identity --network=ic get-wallet


Then log in to your account on the NNS at



Enter in your Internet Identity and authenticate to log in to your account.


If you lost access and need to recover your account, check out our other articles on how to recover your account for assistance. Be sure to add more devices to your Internet Identity and keep your recovery phrase safe to ensure that you don't permanently lose access to your account.


In the Canisters section, select Create or Link Canister to bring up the Add Canister popup.




On the popup, you can select to create new canisters to deploy your application or link canisters to your account by entering the canister ID.

If you select Create New Canister, you'll be able to choose the ICP account you want to draw ICP from to charge your new canister. Enter in the amount of ICP you want your new canister use. Keep in mind that the minimum amount of cycles is 2, which includes 1 cycles fee when creating a new canister.




To Link Canister To Account, simply enter in the canister ID that you obtained earlier from the terminal and select Attach Canister. You'll then be able to top up the canister with cycles minted from ICP.



A canister status screen will appear with the entered canister ID. Because your NNS identity was not previously added as the canister controller, you may see the status message, "You are not the controller of this canister." You can ignore this message. You'll still be able to add cycles to the canister by selecting Add Cycles.



Then select the ICP Source Account that you would like to use to buy cycles.

Then enter the amount of ICP you'd like to convert to cycles. You'll be able to preview how many cycles will be deposited based on the entered ICP amount. Select Review Cycles Purchase to continue.



Review your cycles purchase and complete it by selecting Confirm and Send.

Your transaction should then be completed. There will be a transaction fee listed as well.

You can check your transactions by viewing your wallet balance using the following command:

% dfx wallet --network=ic balance