Neuron Management and ICP Tokens

What can I do with my Network Nervous System (NNS) account?

With an NNS account you can hold and transfer ICP utility tokens as well as utilize neurons to submit and vote on proposals to the network and gain voting rewards.


All of this can easily be done on your computer or mobile device.



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After creating or logging in to your NNS account (be sure to backup your account on multiple devices), you’ll have access to a variety of capabilities all in one place. You can manage your ICP accounts, neurons, voting proposals, and nodes if you’re a node provider.



In the Accounts section, can view your ICP utility token amounts, your addresses, and any latest transactions that you’ve made. This is a great place to store ICP utility tokens since you can use them with your neurons.


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You can also easily create and execute new transactions and add additional accounts if needed.


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In the Neurons section, you can manage each of your neurons down to specific actions, such as increasing delay, pausing dissolve, and staking maturity. Once you set a delay, the status will change from “unlocked” to “locked and dissolving,” and you’ll be able to view the amount of dissolve delay you have left along with the voting power of that particular neuron.



You can also set followees to determine how your neuron will vote on certain topics. This can be very helpful if you want to earn rewards without having to vote on each proposal individually. You can set your neuron to follow "All Topics" or more specific topics depending on the followees.

For more information on how voting works with multiple followees set, check out our articles in the Staking & Voting section.


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You can create new neurons or merge existing ones depending on certain restrictions.


In the Voting section, you can search and view all proposals through the search bar on the top or by setting certain filters. This can be an easy way to scroll through all of the proposals you have yet to vote on.


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You can select specific proposals to view details, such as the current voting results. And on the bottom, you can choose to either adopt or reject the proposal.