Using Neurons to Vote on Proposals and Earn Rewards

What kind of proposals can I vote on?

Some of the initial topics available in the NNS to vote on include:

  • #ExchangeRate: Proposals provide information in “real time” about the market value of ICP utility tokens, as measured by an International Monetary Fund (IMF) Special Drawing Right (SDR), which allows the NNS to convert ICP utility tokens to cycles (which power computation) at a rate that keeps their real-world cost constant. Because proposals on this topic are very frequent, they have a shorter voting period, and votes on this topic are not included in the voting history of the neuron.

  • #Governance: Proposals that administer governance — for example, motions and the configuration of certain parameters.

  • #KYC: Proposals that update KYC information for regulatory purposes.

  • #NetworkCanisterManagement: Installing and upgrading “system” canister smart contracts that belong to the network — for example, upgrading the NNS.

  • #NetworkEconomics: Proposals that administer network economics — for example, the minimal neuron stake

  • #NeuronManagement: A special topic by means of which a neuron can be managed by the followees for this topic (in this case, there is no fallback to default). Votes on this topic are not included in the voting history of the neuron. For proposals on this topic, only followees on this topic, of the neuron that the proposals pertains to, are allowed to vote. Because the set of eligible voters of proposals on this topic is restricted, proposals on this topic have a shorter than normal voting period.

  • #NodeAdmin: Proposals that administer node machines, including but not limited to upgrading or configuring the OS, upgrading or configuring the virtual machine framework, and upgrading or configuring the node replica software.

  • #NodeProviderRewards: Proposals relating to node provider rewards.

  • #ParticipantManagement: Proposals that administer network participants — for example, granting and revoking DCIDs (data center identities) or NPIDs (node provider identities).

  • #SubnetManagement: Proposals that administer network subnets — for example, creating new subnets, adding and removing subnet nodes, and splitting subnets.


To learn more about proposals, check out the Internet Computer Docs or the IC Dashboard.