What is maturity in terms of the Internet Computer?

Maturity is an attribute of a neuron; it is not a tradable asset. Neurons receive voting rewards in the form of maturity. Once maturity is burned to form ICP, maturity modulation helps to determine how much ICP is given. 


What is maturity %?

Maturity % is the number of ICP utility tokens you have earned through staking divided by the total number of ICP utility tokens you have staked in that neuron. For example, if you staked 100 ICP utility tokens and your maturity was 0.01%, multiplying 0.0001 by 100 ICP tokens will give you 0.01 ICP utility tokens. Your maturity will refresh once per day with the rewards from the previous day.


Merge Maturity: Staking and Spawning

Merge Maturity now receives rewards in the form of "staked maturity" rather than directly as ICP to the neuron in question. The maturity continues earning rewards however it is not reflected as ICP until you dissolve the neuron. A user can stake maturity which locks the maturity until the neuron is dissolved.


Staked maturity contributes to the voting power of the neuron as determined by:

Voting Power = (ICP staked + maturity staked) x Dissolve Delay Bonus x Age Bonus


If a user triggers spawn maturity, a new neuron will be immediately spawned; however, this newly spawned neuron will have no ICP at start, only maturity. Spawned neurons have a dissolve delay of 7 days and are dissolving. After 7 days when the neuron is dissolved, the amount of ICP, determined by the maturity modulation function, will be minted and be available to the user.


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