How do I add another computer to my Internet Identity?

Adding a secondary computer device to your Internet Identity through the NNS dapp

To add a new device, first make sure you are using the latest version of Google Chrome. The Brave browser is not fully compatible when adding a new device.

Do not clear your browser history or website data after setting up your Internet Identity & NNS. We strongly advise users to set up multiple devices.


To add a new device:

  1. Visit
  2. Select Login.
  3. On the "Welcome to Internet Identity" page, select But using a new device?
  4. Enter your user number and continue.
  5. Your device will then ask you to enter your screen unlock pin/passcode for authentication or your Android device unlock preference. It’s important to note that the Brave browser will not allow authentication via screen passcode/pin/unlock preference at this time.
  6. Using an already registered device, visit the URL displayed on the page or select Display as QR Code to scan the QR code with your previously registered device.
  7. After scanning the QR code or pasting the URL on your already registered device, you’ll be taken to the Internet Identity "Welcome back!" page.
  8. Your user number will be visible. You can then log in and authenticate.
  9. Select Yes, add new device.
  10. Make sure to provide a name for your new device.
  11. Then select Add Device.
  12. Congratulations, you have now successfully added your new device.


The workflow for adding a device can vary depending on what devices you’ve already added to your identity. For example, if you first authorized your computer to create your identity anchor, and you’d like to add your phone or a physical security key as a second authentication method, you must be able to authenticate your phone on the authorized computer.

You must always be able to authorize the device you want to add by using a device that is already authorized.


If you are registering a new device, such as a new security key, or a new browser profile using a computer or phone that has already been registered, you can do this easily and directly from within Internet Identity Management.


Other workflows can be more complex, for example, adding your phone as an authentication device using your authenticated computer.


For more information on adding a device, check out the Developer Center, and learn more about Internet Identity on the Internet Computer Wiki.