What hardware is acceptable to use for users who opt for self-custody?

There are a few hardware options if you wish to opt for self-custody. These options are referred to as cold storage, which means you are keeping private keys stored offline in a device that is not connected to the internet. Cold storage is a popular solution for self-custody of digital assets because it makes it more difficult for your keys to be compromised if there is a software security breach or if your cold storage solution is lost or stolen.

For more information and best practices about cold storage, here are additional resources:

‚ÄčThe most common types of cold storage include the following:

  • Hardware wallets

  • Air-gapped computers

  • Paper wallets

A common hardware wallet used to manage ICP utility tokens is the Ledger wallet. Ledger is one of the world's most popular hardware wallets and is fully compatible with the Internet Computer. Here are some resources on how to get started:

For more information, see Crypto Wallets, Explained. Also, feel free to search for other hardware options out there.