How do I install applications on the Internet Computer? How do I install or deploy a canister smart contract?

You can make decentralized applications accessible on the Internet Computer blockchain mainnet by deploying the canister smart contract that make up the dapps project.


To deploy on the Internet Computer network for the first time:


  1. Open a new terminal and navigate to your project directory.

  2. Start the Internet Computer network, if necessary.

    In most cases, this step is only necessary if you are running the Internet Computer network locally.

    If you were installing canisters on the mainnet, you would include the --network command-line option to perform tasks on that network.


  3. Verify you have canister identifiers for all of the canisters you want to deploy.

  4. Deploy all of the canisters by running the following command:

    dfx canister install --all


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