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SNS FAQs and Troubleshooting Tips

What is the goal of the SNS-1 airdrop? 

The first goal of the SNS-1 drop is to test the process for deploying an SNS on the live system, and to showcase how an SNS works within the ecosystem. The airdrop specifically was done to help decentralize the ownership of SNS-1 by bringing in existing communities from DSCVR, OpenChat and distrikt into the governance of SNS-1.


Is it possible to sell/transfer SNS tokens?

Yes; because tokens can be sent to other people, they can likewise be sent to exchanges and thus swapped for other tokens. The easiest way to sell SNS tokens is through a decentralized exchange (DEX) that lists the token.


Can I move SNS tokens from a dapp to NNS?

Yes! It is possible to transfer your SNS-1 neuron to your Internet Identity principal within DSCVR's interface; you'll need to find your wallet principal id and create a transaction to send the SNS-1 token to your NNS account.


Where will the future SNS tokens be found?

SNS tokens will be hosted on the NNS. You can currently find the first SNS-1 tokens on the Network Nervous System! 


How do I Stake SNS-1 Tokens?

Check out our article How do I Stake SNS-1 Tokens for detailed instructions.


How do I participate in voting in the SNS?

Voting and the creation of SNS proposals can take place in the dapp controled by the SNS DAO, and soon in the NNS dapp. Proposals are listed within the dapps themselves, and you can currently join the SNS-1 proposals channel within OpenChat to participate.


How do I submit a proposal?

You can use dfx and Quill to submit a proposal; for more information check out our documentation.


Are there other existing SNS DAOs?

The ICP community has expressed much interest and enthusiasm for the launch of the SNS technology. OpenChat has already publicly announced their plans to turn their dapp into an SNS DAO in Q1 of 2023. Dapps such as distrikt, Catalyze, Canistore, and Nuance are considering creating their own SNSs.