How do I stake SNS tokens?

Staking SNS tokens follows the same process as staking ICP utility tokens on the NNS frontend dapp. This includes locking, increasing delay and stake, dissolving, and following neurons.

1) First, sign in to the NNS using your Internet Identity. On the My Tokens tab, make sure you have enough SNS tokens to stake.


Visit the following links to learn more on how to purchase and obtain SNS tokens:


2) Then head over to the My Neuron Staking tab to view the tokens you are currently staking.


To stake a new neuron, select Stake Neurons on the bottom of the page.



3) You'll be prompted to enter in the amount of tokens you'd like to stake. Keep in mind that there is a transaction fee included as well. Then select Review to review your transaction.



4) Review your transaction to make sure everything looks good. At this stage, you'll still be able to Edit Transaction if needed. If you're happy with the balance, select Execute.


It'll take up to a minute to stake the neuron.


5) You'll then be able to see your newly created neuron in the staking tab. Select it so you can edit its settings and set a dissolve delay.



Under the Stake section, select Increase Delay.



This will bring up a pop-up where you can set a delay. Keep in mind that neurons must be locked for at least 1 month in order to be given voting power. Also, make sure to set a dissolve delay that is comfortable for you. This delay can go up to 100 years, so be careful when updating the delay.


And once you set a delay, you'll only be able to increase it.