How do I buy SNS tokens?

There are a few ways to obtain SNS tokens. The first way is to buy from an exchange on the Internet Computer blockchain. A couple of available exchanges include:

Let's go ahead and follow the steps on how to buy SNS tokens from

1. First, you'll need to connect a wallet. By connecting a wallet, you'll be able to transfer and trade ICP utility tokens to and from the exchange.


On the top right corner, select Connect Wallet.

2. You'll be prompted to either Create a new WalletImport an existing WalletLink your Internet Identity, or Connect to Plug, MetaMask, or a hardware wallet.

For this example, we'll connect to a Plug wallet. Sign in using your existing wallet login.


3. You'll then be able to withdraw ICP utility tokens from your connected wallet in order to buy SNS tokens. On the exchange, enter in how many SNS tokens you'd like to purchase. The price in ICP will automatically populate depending on the SNS quantity amount.


Once your happy with the amount, select Buy SNS1.


4. You'll then need to confirm the withdrawal of the ICP amount needed to make the purchase.



5. After confirming your purchase, you'll be able to view your pending order under Open Orders. Keep in mind that it'll take some time for the total to be filled and the Status to be complete. Once the order is completed, you'll then be able to transfer the SNS tokens to your NNS account.



Copy over your SNS token wallet address to complete the transfer.




Obtaining SNS tokens from ICPSwap follows much of the same steps. 

1. You'll need to first Connect a wallet in order to buy SNS tokens. Notice that the user interface is a lot simpler and easier to navigate.



2. Choose which wallet you'd like to connect.



3. Once connected, you'll be able to transfer ICP, swap them for SNS tokens, and transfer those tokens over to your NNS frontend dapp.



Participate in a Sale on the NNS

Another way to obtain SNS tokens is to participate in a decentralization sale in the NNS frontend dapp. These sales can be found on the Launchpad tab of the NNS. 

For more detailed steps and information on how to participate in a sale using ICP and more, visit the SNS DAO page on the Internet Computer site.