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What are some features of OpenChat?

With OpenChat, you can do more than just send messages. You can search, preview, or join hot chat groups, directly message individual members, create a new group of your own, store ICP utility tokens and other crypto currency in your OpenChat wallet, and send crypto to other users.



When launching the app, you'll need to log in using your identity anchor.


Once in, you'll be able to search for users or groups in the search bar on the top left. Any user or group you've previewed or chatted with will be listed underneath.


To remove a group or user from your chat list, hover over their name and select the trash can icon.



You must first join to be able to chat in a group. You can send voice recordings, emojis, attachments, crypto, gifs, and polls. Keep in mind that you'll need to pay or provide your phone number in order to send images. This is because there is a cost associated with storing images on the Internet Computer blockchain.




You can claim 100MB of free storage by heading to your Profile settings under the hamburger button on the top left.



Your Profile settings should appear on the right. Scroll down to Storage to expand your storage space by either providing your phone number or paying ICP utility tokens. 



Selecting SMS will prompt you to select your country and enter your phone number in order to request a code. Unfortunately, there are some countries that are not eligible due to difficulties with SMS messaging.



After entering in the code on the next screen, you should then having access to an additional 100MB of free storage. If you need more, you'll have to Upgrade Storage using ICP in your OpenChat wallet. You can obtain a storage level of up to 1GB by paying 1.80 ICP.




Within a group, on the top right, you can search through the group chat, scroll through pinned messages, and view group details and members. You can also leave the group by select the ellipsis icon.



To create a new group, select the hamburger button on the top left and select New group. Provide a group image, name, and description, along with visibility settings, rules, and permissions. Make sure to create a group that you would like to administer and encourage users to participate in.




To view your OpenChat wallet, select the hamburger button on the top left and continue to your Profile settings.



In your Profile settings, scroll down to Accounts to view your token balance. When you make an OpenChat account, a new principal and wallet address are automatically created for you and linked to your account. Having separate wallets across various dapps ensures a more secure experience that is truly decentralized. A key drawback, however, is the funding and transferring of utility tokens to multiple accounts. Thankfully though, the transaction fee when sending ICP is extremely low in comparison with other tokens, at a mandatory fee of 0.0001 ICP. The fee is burned as part of the IC protocol and is not received by any party.



To transfer, withdraw, or manage your tokens, select Manage on the right side of your balance. A popup of your account will appear where you can top up using a QR code or copy your address. Make sure to have addresses correctly copied over when receiving or sending tokens. You can buy ICP utility tokens and transfer them over from most exchanges like Binance and Coinbase. For more information on how to buy ICP utility tokens, check out this step-by-step guide.



With tokens in your wallet, you'll then be able to purchase additional storage and send tokens to fellow OpenChat users.