What are the benefits to minting and trading my NFTs on the Internet Computer?

The Internet Computer blockchain allows for NFTs to become one step closer in reaching their full potential. The IC stores all components of NFTs on the blockchain inside canister smart contracts. This means that:

  • You own and control 100% of your NFTs
  • NFTs on the IC can be anything (virtual worlds, videos, gated communities, etc.)
  • Storing data on chain costs a lost less than on Solana and Ethereum
  • With the help of HTTPS outcalls, NFTs can evolve over time and have real world connections

The Internet Computer is the ideal chain to launch NFT collections due to the use of the reverse gas model. Contracts are preloaded with cycles which are then used on demand as needed. This allows for users to mint and trade NFTs with 0 gas fees. 


Before creating or owning your own NFTs, check out these marketplaces and resources:

  • Entrepot - The first and largest NFT marketplace on the Internet Computer
  • Yumi - The first fully-decentralized NFT and digital goods market place where users can create and trade NFTs
  • Jelly - An NFT marketplace dapp where users can connect with your Plug wallet
  • NFT Anvil - A dapp where users can authenticate their Internet Identity to mint NFTs
  • Developer Docs - Learn how to build your own NFT 
  • Medium - Considerations for NFT Developers on the Internet Computer