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What is OpenChat?

OpenChat is a decentralized chat application that runs end-to-end on the Internet Computer blockchain. It is works similar to Telegram and Discord, but is completely decentralized and owned by the community. It was designed primarily to function on your mobile device.


It is one of the first dapps to be have an SNS launch, meaning that control of OpenChat was handed from the core development team to the SNS. A decentralized sale was initiated by NNS proposal which decentralized the governance of OpenChat by distributing CHAT utility tokens to the community. More tokens to the community will raise an endowment to fund the ongoing development of OpenChat.


Changes to OpenChat can only be made via an approved SNS proposal voted upon by users who have staked their CHAT tokens. This is a similar process to voting on proposals on the NNS.


And like the NNS, users who vote with their staked CHAT tokens will also receive voting rewards. CHAT tokens will empower the community and encourage users to create and share amazing content with one another.