What is the purpose of SNS-1?

SNS-1 was created essential as a demo test dapp to show how future SNS DAOs will be launched. The first one is called SNS-1 since it is the first initial live test SNS. Each SNS will be it's own DAO, so future SNS implementations can be given any name. It doesn't necessarily mean that the next one will be called SNS-2.

Along with the many other factors to test, the SNS Team carried out the airdrop to help decentralize the ownership of SNS-1. Communities from DSCVR, OpenChat, and distrikt were brought in to the governance of SNS-1. Due to the overwhelming interest, the airdrop was kept simple, which meant the team could not reward every single community that they'd initially planned to.

Since the SNS Team is constantly working on improving the experience for the community, users are encouraged to be patient when expecting to see their SNS airdrops in their DSCRV profile and NNS neuron.

Also, the team would like to remind users to be wary of scams for any token airdrop and to never connect your wallet with suspicious websites.