How do I install dfx?

The DFINITY command-line execution environment, dfx, is the primary tool for creating, deploying, and managing the dapps for the Internet Computer platform. dfx is the interface for managing your Internet Computer project and the best place to start.



To install dfx, you’ll first need to open up your computer terminal, then run:

sh -ci "$(curl -fsSL"


To verify that dfx properly installed, run:

dfx --version


The terminal should now show you the most recent version.


You can use the dfx parent command with different flags and subcommands to perform different types of operations. Subcommands include things like “build” “deploy” and “upgrade”. Two important subcommands to note are “start” and “stop” which will begin and end the local canister execution environment connection from a web server for the current project.


The basic syntax for running dfx commands is:

dfx [subcommand] [flag]


Once dfx is installed, get acquainted with its capabilities by entering.

dfx help

This command helps to view usage information for the dfx parent command or for any specified subcommand. You can add a subcommand immediately after “help” to call on any specific subcommand.


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